Vacuum Sys Adjustable Wan - 9091-B

Item Number: 03-1213
Mfg No:9091-B
Wt: 1.00
UPC: 033672000627
$9.98 $14.51
$4.53 (31%)

H-P Products Dirt Devil CV1500 Vacuum Filter Bag, (Pack of 3) part # 9597

Item Number: 03-1211
Mfg No:9597
Wt: 0.25
UPC: 033672002683
$8.25 $13.19
$4.94 (37%)

H-P Products (4908) Small Wonder Vacuum Bag, (Pack of 3)

Item Number: 03-1120
Mfg No:4908
Wt: 0.21
UPC: 765053634816
$7.18 $14.51
$7.33 (51%)

HP Products Dirt Devil CV1500 Central Vacuum System for RV 9980

Item Number: 07-4526

Mfg No:9880
Wt: 0.00
UPC: 033672003444
$288.35 $463.11
$174.76 (38%)

HP Products 8799-BK Vacpan Automatic Dust Pan Kit

Item Number: 03-1205
Mfg No:8799-BK
Wt: 3.00
UPC: 799530691122
$83.64 $124.84
$41.20 (33%)

Dirt Devil Replacement Bags for RV2000 Vacuum, 3/pk 7767-W

Item Number: 03-1124
Dirt Devil
Mfg No:7767-W
Wt: 0.10

RV living can be incredibly rewarding, but there’s no denying the amount of dirt that will get tracked into your vehicle. From beach sand to campground mud, it builds up in a surprisingly short amount of time.

We carry a number of RV vacuums to help ensure that cleaning your vehicle is a snap. Choose from models with a capacity from one to 10 gallons, all of which work on 120 volts. We also carry replacement parts and accessories you need, from replacement filter bags to new hoses and wands. Don’t let dirt overtake your RV – our RV vacuums help you keep things spic and span.