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How To Mount The King Tailgater VQ4500 Satellite Antenna

The King Tailgater is a portable satellite antenna used exclusively for DISH network. It can be mounted on a roof permanently or be set up temporarily on the ground for any occasion. 


king tailgater vq4500


We would like to go over some tips and tricks on how to install the King Tailgater VQ4500 onto the roof of your RV.

The video below is a brief overview of the installation process. It is recommended to read the manual for more detailed instructions.

In this instance, we will go over the installation for a permanent mount on the roof of an RV.

  1. Open your box with care. You don't want to accidentally drop your satellite or cause it any type of disruption.
  2. Confirm that all the contents are in the packaging: 
    1. King Tailgater VQ4500 Unit
    2. 50' RG-5 Coax Cable
    3. 3 Rubber feet
    4. Owner's Manual
    5. Quick reference guide
    6. Registration card
  3. Do not use the included rubber feet if mounting on the roof.
  4. Prepare the appropriate tools:
    1. Power screwdriver
    2. Caulking gun
    3. Tape measure
  5. Choose the location to mount the unit.
  6. The handle should be facing the rear of the vehicle.
  7. The antenna unit should be mounted on the center line of the vehicle and not tilted more than 2 degrees in any direction.
  8. Fasten the base mount to the roof.
  9. Apply sealant.
  10. Ensure the four mounting holes are sealed.
  11. Avoid sealing the five drain holes.
  12. Connect the coax cable to the main port and hand tighten.
  13. Wire coax cable to the main receiver.
  14. Avoid sharp bends in the cable when routing.
  15. If your vehicle isn't prewired, you will have to drill a 3/4" hole through your roof above the receiver cabinet.
  16. Drill a small coax hole
  17. Test your connections.




We hope this helped you install your King Tailgater VQ4500 successfully. If you have any issues, please refer to the detailed owners manuel.

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