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12V Appliances

12v Portable Frying Pan - Model RPSL-335

Item Number: 03-2023

Mfg No:RPSL-335
Wt: 0.00
UPC: 045464290000
$19.74 $50.86
$31.12 (61%)

12V, Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker

Item Number: 03-2022

Mfg No:RPSL-225
Wt: 0.00
UPC: 045464250936
$46.10 $65.71
$19.61 (30%)
We believe in bringing you the widest selection of options to make life on the road simpler, easier and more rewarding. Our 12 volt appliances for RV use include a number of options that can be powered by your RV’s electrical system, without the need for a generator or an electrical hookup. Our 12v portable frying pan delivers the ability to fry up delicious meals anywhere, at any time while you're on the road. We also offer a 12v sauce pan and popcorn maker to help you get more out of your road-based kitchen. Movie night is more fun than ever before!